Joseph Stewards

Over the past 50 years, faithful friends like you have made it possible for World Renew to transform lives with the love of Christ and equip many women and men to be change agents in their communities. In response to God’s grace, you may decide to join our growing group of Joseph Stewards who have decided to give back a portion of that blessing as a gift to World Renew in their Will or Estate Plan.

Leave a Legacy of Lasting Change

Joseph Stewards make it possible for others in need to experience God’s blessing for generations to come. Recovery from disaster and poverty, improved health and literacy, increased income and food production, and growth of local churches are all supported through the generous gifts of Joseph Stewards.

Joseph Stewards want to see countless numbers of people—here and around the world—encounter the love, life, justice, and mercy of Christ, realize their own potential to create positive change, and experience transformed life through God’s grace.

If you see your Will, Trust, or Estate Plan not merely as a legal document, but as an act of worship that can be used to bless others in need, then you may be interested in becoming a Joseph Steward. In the coming years, with God’s help and your support, World Renew will equip hundreds of thousands more through this life-changing work. Thank you! 

 Why Become a Joseph Steward? 

 The name “Joseph Stewards” was taken from Genesis 41, where God told Joseph that there would be seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of famine. The people of Egypt responded by gathering the crops they grew during the seven good years and storing them in warehouses for the seven years of famine. As a result, they were able to meet their own needs and also feed the hungry around them.

In a similar way, Joseph Stewards are individuals that are giving out of their blessings, their “years of prosperity,” to bring food and support to people experiencing “years of famine.”

The name “Joseph Stewards” also provides a reference to World Renew’s long-term investment fund, called the Joseph Fund. Donations given to the Joseph Fund are invested and then applied to World Renew’s programs over the course of seven years. This broadens the impact of the gift and provides a stable source of income for World Renew ministry.

When you tell World Renew about your future plans, it gives us an opportunity to thank you appropriately and gives you the opportunity to communicate with us about how you’d like your donation to be used.

Knowing of your future plans also encourages World Renew staff and enables us to plan for future ministry.

While you can certainly remember World Renew in your Estate Plan without becoming a Joseph Steward, your participation sets an important example for others to follow, joining hands together to make a global impact for Christ.

As a Joseph Steward, you will receive:

A beautiful print of a handcrafted linocut depicting a scene from Genesis 41 to say “thank you”.

A special semi-annual Joseph Stewards newsletter with testimonies from other members, event announcements, and ministry updates.

An opportunity to share a brief testimonial about why you support World Renew.

Invitations to join other Joseph Stewards for occasional events in your area.

An annual ministry report from World Renew.

An opportunity to provide feedback to World Renew leadership on ministry developments.


If you share World Renew’s vision to extend Christ’s compassion and live together in hope as God’s community, we invite you to leave a lasting legacy by joining the Joseph Stewards.

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