Many people in North America have access to clean water, soap, enough food, and advanced healthcare. This is not true for vulnerable North Americans or for people in impoverished regions of countries such as India and Haiti.

India has 40,000 ventilators for a population of more than 1.3 billion. Though they can produce their own ventilators, if a significant number of people experience COVID-19 complications they won’t have enough. Haiti has just 60 ventilators for 11 million people and the country is still in disarray 10 years after a devastating earthquake. As well, many Indians and Haitians can’t practice physical distancing if they must work for each day’s food. They risk possibly catching the virus to avoid certain starvation. 

The simplest, least expensive way to keep vulnerable people from dying, is to empower them to prevent and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. To this end, World Renew launched targeted projects aligned with World Health Organization objectives to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. We still have time to make this a moment of hope—but the window is closing.

In the largely rural state of Jharkhand in eastern India, our local partners are creating awareness in 15 villages about handwashing, physical distancing, and other safety measures to help reduce person-to-person virus transmission. They’re also distributing vegetables, legumes, and other essential foods to 600 families so that they can survive in lockdown. At the end of April, Jharkhand was still relatively free of the virus. We want to help them keep it this way. 

In Haiti, our local partners work with 25 church and community leaders who are spearheading awareness campaigns. Eight radio stations will broadcast critical prevention information to about 250,000 people. As well, five short videos, plus flyers and posters delivered to 5000 families, will help Haitians avoid contracting COVID-19. In addition, 2,400 bars of soap will be distributed to 600 families. 

These are just two of the projects World Renew is delivering with local partners in more than 30 countries to make a difference before it’s too late. Please give today to save lives in Haiti, India, and around the globe by preventing and reducing the transmission of  COVID-19. Your gift provides vital hygiene kits, safe water for cooking and handwashing, and food, plus protective equipment for staff making deliveries and health supplies for hospitals. Together we can renew hope for vulnerable people.

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