On March 4, we are encouraging churches across Canada to hold an offering for World Renew’s work through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

For 35 years, World Renew has been a blessing through its membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a unique partnership of 15 member churches and church agencies with a commitment to ending hunger. By joining in this work through your prayers and gifts, you are helping the many families who experiencing hunger caused by conflict and natural disasters. The funds raised through Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday each year enable us to continue this important work.

Every donation to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is eligible for a match of up to 4:1. That means that your gifts will go even further to help end hunger around the world.

Our theme this year is simple, yet profound: Ending Hunger. We believe that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Hunger is debilitating and crushing for people around the world and we want to see families break free from its grasp.  Last year, we were able to feed over 144,000 people living in crisis. This year we want to have an even greater impact, and we invite you to be a part of this. Even if you don’t attend a church that holds an offering for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, we ask that you consider donating on March 4.

Throughout February, we will be sharing stories of transformation that have been possible because of donations made last year on Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday. It is our prayer that these stories would be an encouragement and a reminder that we are part of a ministry that is helping to end hunger.

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