But with Grace’s husband serving as the primary income generator and her responsibilities for the children at home, Grace felt unsure how to help change the story for her family.

At the time, Grace was one of Uganda’s over 8.2 million people living in poverty.

Still, Grace felt determined.

Through careful tending and daily attention, Grace decided to sell her small cassava harvest to set aside enough money ($3) that she could pay the investment dues of her village’s community savings and loan group.

World Renew helps establish groups like this around the world so women like Grace can develop knowledge and skills in sustainable farming, health, nutrition, and relationships. These groups also provide investment and loan opportunities that are otherwise unavailable to people in poor and rural regions.

For Grace, this support has transformed the way she farms, parents, and plans for her family’s future. Today, Grace and her husband both contribute to their family’s income, together making enough to build a permanent home, send both of their children to school, grow their farming capacity, and plan for medical expenses.

Over the last three years, Grace’s initial cost of $3 to join the savings and loan group has grown into $193—a 6400% return on investment.

Because one friend of World Renew gave one gift of $78 to start the savings and loan group in Grace’s village, Grace is changing the story of her family and the story of Uganda.

Imagine what stories of hope might start today because of you.