When soldiers descend on your village, threatening your life unless you leave, you only have one decision to make. You take your family, and you run. When an earthquake or a hurricane destroys everything you own, it’s nearly impossible to know how to move forward. And when the rains you have relied on for generations no longer fall as they used to, the crops you rely on to feed your family may fail. And then, when a pandemic hits, how do you cope?

Whether you are running from conflict, devastated by disaster, or crippled by drought, having enough food is essential. Yet, for millions in the world, food has become a luxury. One in ten people in the world wake up without knowing where their next meal might come from. 

And experts are predicting that the number of people experiencing food crises in the world may double because of COVID-19. We are deeply concerned by this, and have committed ourselves to helping change this reality. 

It’s for this reason that our local partners are working hard in countries around the world to provide food to those who are hungry.

Today, we are facing unprecedented circumstances and we are asking for your help. We need to do more. In light of the devastating impacts that COVID-19 is having around the world, we commit to ensuring that some of the most vulnerable families have food on their tables. 

Your gift today will help us to continue to provide emergency food assistance to those impacted by COVID-19 in countries like Bangladesh and India. Because of measures put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19, many are unable to work. Without an income, they cannot afford to purchase food from the local market, and are forced to go to sleep hungry. Yet, through our local partners, we are distributing food to those in greatest need.

“It is in moments of crisis that we are reminded once again of Jesus’ call to love our neighbor, and in this time of need, providing food is a tangible demonstration of our love,” shares Ken Kim, World Renew’s Director of International Disaster Response. 

Will you join us in helping families around the world, who, because of conflict, natural disasters and COVID-19, do not have enough to eat? 

Your donation can provide a moment of hope to families living in crisis. Please give today.

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