“The help that we are getting from the church we are happy with. We are thankful for the
diapers, milk, and food box. And an education.” — Amina, mother, provider, Syrian refugee

As a mother, Amina’s heart yearns for more for her five daughters. She remembers the life they once had in Syria — a home, a farm, olive trees, and a garden. Enough to eat. And her daughters could play and go to school like any other children.

Now war has taken all that away. Their home was destroyed by bombs and with nowhere safe to go, Amina took her children to Lebanon. Here, they no longer live in a war zone but as refugees, the children are prohibited from going to regular schools.

Her three oldest daughters — ages 9, 12, and 13 — work to help support the family, sometimes as housekeepers or picking beans and peeling garlic alongside their mother. Amina knows her daughters are too young to be working, but the family is barely surviving.

Young Syrian girls in refugee camps are the most vulnerable. Conflict, poverty, and hunger force families to send their children to work. Some parents marry off their young daughters, fearing for their safety in the camps. Amina wants a better life for her daughters, but life as a refugee is a struggle.

And that’s where World Renew seeks to make a difference — by meeting the real needs of refugee families.

Through a partnership between World Renew and local churches in Lebanon, Amina and her girls receive food, milk, and other basic necessities. One church runs an education center for refugee children so that girls like Amina’s daughters are able to continue their education despite their circumstances.

Together, we can help Syrian mothers like Amina to dream of a better future for their daughters.