In the weeks since, there have been many aftershocks as well as several other major earthquakes in the area.

The earthquakes have killed over 400 people, displaced 387,000 more, and destroyed an estimated 62,000 homes. For the thousands of families who are living through this crisis, some of the most significant needs are food and temporary shelter. Earthquakes have damaged many homes and families no longer believe that it is safe to stay in them for fear of more destruction.

While it is difficult to access some areas because of damaged and broken roads, World Renew is responding to the disaster in partnership with a local Christian organization. Soon after the first earthquake, World Renew provided 200 families with emergency food assistance. In the coming weeks, 400 families will receive emergency shelter kits and blankets to stay warm at night.

India Flooding

While families in Indonesia continue to experience daily aftershocks, fearing another major earthquake may come tomorrow, thousands of families in the Kerala state in India are experiencing the worst flooding in nearly 100 years.

As of Sunday, August 19, 2018, the flooding resulted in 361 deaths and displaced 725,000 people. Many families affected by the flooding have limited access to clean drinking water, food, and other essentials. World Renew is partnering with local organizations that are responding to this crisis. As the floodwater recedes, people’s needs will continue to rise and World Renew is committed to helping those who are in need. .

Please pray for the thousands of families in India and Indonesia affected by these crises: that the Prince of Peace would reign in situations that are filled with turmoil, that families would be safe, and that World Renew and other organizations will receive the funds to provide assistance to those in need.

Please consider supporting the work of World Renew by donating to the “International Rapid Response Fund.”

Thank you for your prayers and support.



PHOTO TOP: People wait for aid next to makeshift raft at a flooded area in the southern state of Kerala, India, August 19, 2018. REUTERS/Sivaram V