This is a very mountainous area with many rivers running through the valleys. Water quickly rose upwards of 15–16 feet and receded 12 hours later. Thankfully, no lives were lost. It was, however, more than enough time for massive amounts of damage to be done on hundreds of homes. 

World Renew Disaster Response Services volunteers spent two weeks helping flood survivors with the grueling and heartbreaking task of gutting their homes.


June 26, 2016: the aftermath of the flooding in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia is reflective of many communities in the days after the water receded. Photo credit: Forrest Palmer @fpalmer321 


These are just three of rivers that rose so high, so quickly, during the flash flood.


Sue was home when the flood came. “The water just kept rising up..up…up,” said Sue. “By the time my son could get to our dogs, the water was up to his chest and the dogs were paddling around. We headed up the hill behind my house and I was carrying the few things I could carry above my head because the water was so high.”

World Renew DRS volunteers gutted and sanitized Sue’s home, making sure she would be able to lay flooring and drywall without the threat of mold growing.


Nelson is a logger and bear hunter. He has spent the last 25 years building his log cabin. The flood came up and cause a great deal of damage. 

World Renew DRS volunteers helped Nelson with the heartbreaking task of cleaning up his flooded home. 


John and Barbara live 12 feet above a river in the mountains. Barbara was at work, but as John watched the river rise high enough start reaching his home, he took refuge in his attic. The water sat in his home for 12 hours, causing major damage to the flooring and drywall. 


“One person was pretty suspicious about why we, just strangers to him, would want to help him,” said Steve Schroeder, World Renew DRS volunteer. “We told him ‘We are just here to help, we don’t ask for anything, we won’t take anything…we are here because as Christians we serve a loving God and we feel called to serve you, in particular, if you will have us.’”

Volunteers came from New Jersey and West Michigan to serve two weeks in West Virginia. 


West Virginia is not the only state that has suffered severe flooding this year.  

Your generous donations to North American Disasters 2016 support World Renew DRS volunteers in the months and years to come as they provide unmet needs assessments, recovery support, and reconstruction in West Virginia, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, and other states.

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