Just as Jesus held a special place in his heart for children, teaching us to “let the little children come”, World Renew places a special emphasis on the well-being and protection of children.

World Renew’s Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct states:

  • The imperative to safeguard children is informed by three main sources: a reading of the Holy Bible, World Renew values, and an understanding of international development practice.

  • The Bible teaches that children are to be cared for and protected; children can participate in the community; children are to be taught; children can serve as an example to adults.

  • World Renew’s values include a commitment to the whole person, which encompasses not just physical, social, spiritual, and emotional needs, but also understands the need and opportunities presented by a range of life stages.

  • As an organization involved in community and international development, we understand that good development for a community must work for the most vulnerable groups in a community. In other words, what is good for children is good for communities.

World Renew is committed to protecting children. We acknowledge that governments have the right to uphold laws and secure their borders. We also believe that governments must use discretion in how they enforce those laws and that the well-being of children as well as the upholding of human rights conventions should be key factors in making such decisions.

World Renew urges the U.S. administration to immediately end the practice of separating children from their families unless there is evidence that keeping the children with their parents is not in their best interest. Forcibly removing children from their parents and families can cause long-term trauma and psychological harm to both the children and their parents.

World Renew calls on Congress to enact legislation that addresses the root causes of forced migration.

Finally, we call on people of faith to keep these children in their prayers and to encourage their lawmakers to be champions for humane policies that protect and support migrant families.

Speak up for families at the border today.

PHOTO TOP: McAllen, Texas, USA – A young Honduran woman and her two children crossed the Rio Grande River seeking asylum.