God’s unexpected blessings

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” – Proverbs 16:9

In answering God’s call for justice and mercy, World Renew has often seen God step in and gently direct us along a different path than the one we originally intended. This is what Joanne and Fred found while volunteering in Dickinson, Texas with Disaster Response Services.

Joanne and Fred, and 14 other volunteers were working to repair homes destroyed in the hurricane. Galveston County Recovers (GCR), a local long term recovery group, assessed the needs of families impacted by the hurricane and assigned DRS volunteers a list of families who needed support in rebuilding or repairing their homes.

One Sunday, Joanne and Fred decided to go for a walk and take a break from the repair work. On the walk they met Freddie. They began to chat and Freddie mentioned that he and his wife, Rose, were happy to see all the DRS volunteers, in their green shirts, helping hurricane survivors in their community. Freddie explained that his house had been severely damaged during the hurricane.

Freddie said that while he and Rose had managed to raise their home off the ground and make some crucial repairs, they did not have the financial means to complete the repairs. And, because their home remained unsafe for living, Freddie and Rose had no option but to move into a rented apartment that, though partially government-subsidized, added to their financial burdens. Freddie, his eyes reflecting the heartbreak and hopelessness he felt, asked Joanne and Fred for their help and for their prayers.

Freddie and Rose were not on the list of families the DRS team was assigned to help. But realizing their team’s repair assignments in the community were wrapping up early, Joanne and Fred asked GCR if it was possible to support Freddie and Rose. Through God’s grace, Galveston County Recovers had sufficient funds to help with repairs to Freddie and Rose’s home.

Just 2 weeks after Joanne and Fred’s conversation with Freddie, DRS volunteers replaced drywall and crown molding; installed a new door, kitchen cupboards, counters, and a sink; and they painted the newly-installed walls of Freddie and Rose’s home. With his eyes filled with hope and tears of gratitude, Freddie said, “Thank you, Lord!” Fred and Joanne believe that it was not a coincidence that they met Freddie on their walk. They firmly believe that God had directed their footsteps.

Thank you for walking alongside World Renew Disaster Response Services to answer God’s call to extend his love to families like Freddie’s. Thank you for your generosity that makes it possible for vulnerable families across North America, who have endured loss and heartbreak, to rebuild their lives and look to the future with renewed hope.

To find out more about Disaster Response Services, access our church resources, or watch our “State of Hope” video, go to worldrenew.net/drs-sunday.

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