Helping Families – and Whole Villages – Fight Extreme Hunger

Nothing else matters when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from and you can’t feed your children. Sadly, this is becoming more common for vulnerable people around the world. Over the past four years, food insecurity has been on the rise due to conflict, climate change, and economic downturn. Nearly 1 billion people are currently experiencing food insecurity around the world.*

But there is hope! World Renew demonstrates God’s love as we work with local ministry partners who walk alongside members of their communities. Through village savings and loan programs, people in poverty can increase food production and their incomes. Participating families have enough to eat and can provide for others.

The Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN reports that families struggle to nourish themselves for five main reasons:

  1. Reduced household purchasing power.
  2. Inadequate food supply due to poor agricultural production and distribution.
  3. Government’s inability to protect vulnerable people.
  4. Political instability.
  5. Conflict among groups.

Village savings and loan programs help hard-working mothers and fathers to grow more food so they can provide for their families and sell extra produce. This strategic investment in small farmers feeds participating families and increases their purchasing power, while expanding local food supplies. Best of all, these personalized, local solutions help villages break the cycle of poverty and hunger to become more resilient.

But we need your help to meet the need.

Your year-end gift to provide food security will empower women like Cecelia Naveia. Cecelia lives with her family in the Milange district of Mozambique. When she joined our local partner’s village savings and loan program, Cecelia learned how to start a small business using her farming skills.

Cecelia had one garden plot and with money from her savings and loan group, bought two more fields, plus corn and soya seeds to plant in them. Her efforts paid off! At the end of the loan cycle, she had earned about $190 USD, which is almost half the average annual income in Mozambique. In the future, Cecelia hopes to buy a bicycle to improve her mobility and continue to increase her earnings.

Along with an improved income, Cecelia has gained confidence. She’s learned to pray in a group and has been able to bless others in her family and community, just as she was blessed by the program. Cecelia thanks God, her local church, and everyone who supports the savings and loan program that has changed her life in so many ways.

For the month of November, your donation of any amount will help twice as many families. A generous couple has made a donation of $500,000 to the work of World Renew and is challenging supporters like you to join together to raise another $500,000 for a total of $1,000,000 to support life-sustaining agriculture projects and related economic opportunities in communities facing recurrent food shortages.

Please rise to the challenge to double your impact!

*(source: UN world food program)

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