Delivering Hope and Saving Lives in India

Biti is a loving mother to five children and lives in a small, rural community in India. Hunger and malnutrition are everyday realities in Biti’s community and, as a mother, she feels these burdens deeply. Like any mother, she wants to see her children grow and thrive. 

Because Biti did not have access to enough healthy food, she became anemic. Without treatment, anemia can lead to even more serious health conditions like extreme fatigue, frequent infections, and complications during and after pregnancy. The anemia made it difficult for Biti to breastfeed her baby, Ajit, who didn’t get enough milk and then became malnourished. Biti felt sadness as she watched her baby struggle to grow, but she felt hopeless and uncertain about what to do, especially since her family could not afford the fees at a local medical clinic. 

But hope came to Biti the day World Renew community health volunteers visited her home for a wellness check. When they realized Biti was anemic, they gave her some iron supplements.  They also encouraged Biti and her husband to plant a vegetable garden, gave them seeds, and taught them how to grow nutritious, iron-rich foods. Today, thanks to that help, both Biti and Ajit are happy, healthy, and thriving!

“I am very grateful to World Renew for helping and showing me and my family a better, healthier lifestyle,” Biti says.

Biti and the thousands of other mothers participating in World Renew maternal child health programs are beautiful examples of the lasting difference good health makes. Will you join with World Renew to deliver Christ’s hope and love to even more mothers and children around the world? 

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