When war descended upon his village in South Sudan, he was forced to flee – on foot. “I felt that my life would be in danger, so I left.” However, this journey was not easy. With the help of his brother, Emmanuel, who literally carried him on his back, they made a long, two-day journey to the Bidibidi refugee settlement in northern Uganda.

At times, with the hot sun beating down, Emmanuel felt faint and they had to stop. However, their courage and strength brought them to safety. When our local Christian partner, Here is Life, met these young men, they knew they had to help. With no access to a proper latrine, they were at risk of becoming severely sick.

We were able to build a latrine for these brothers, ensuring that they were safe and healthy. “The building of the latrine for my brother and I meant that we could properly dispose of our waste. I maintain it well. We have also learnt about proper hygiene,” shares Peter.

Peter is an inspirational young man. In spite of everything he has experienced, he remains a source of hope and inspiration. “In my future, I want to become a businessman as I have been doing this small scale business of selling chapatti, soap, and salt. But soon we want to start a retail business and sell basic necessities.”


We are grateful for the part we have played in helping this young man, and want to make sure that other families in Bidibidi can experience this same change.