Hurricanes Florence and Michael came ashore this past fall and destroyed homes, workplaces, churches, school and many, many families.

These communities will never be as they were before. Neighbors will move away and never return to their family home. Their jobs are gone, homes were destroyed, and they are struggling to hang on to a few memories they can hold in their hands. Their neighbors were their “family” and now they are gone, having left everything, moving to a new town and starting over.

Others would love to make a new start but it’s just not possible or they want to stay because this is the only home they have ever known. It was their parent’s home and grandparents home. How can you leave that behind? This is the situation in so many communities after the recent hurricanes.

World Renew joins these communities to walk with hurting, depressed, scared, and confused people who cannot navigate the system. They need help. They need our help. During our time volunteering with World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) we have heard so many stories, met so many survivors who would not even get dressed anymore or want to get out of bed because they were so overwhelmed with grief and sorrow.

But we also saw hope start to grow in their weary hearts as they saw us come work on their home day after day, serving in the Name of Christ.

There are so many opportunities and needs and you can make a difference in someone else’s life. World Renew can use YOU in 2019.

Many survivors of this year’s hurricane will have to wait months to get assistance. The process takes time but it does work and it works with your help.

World Renew has everything needed to take the first step! You just have to give them a call and they will help you determine where you will be the biggest blessing.

Be ready. God will use you in a mighty way and the people you meet will NEVER FORGET that you took time out of your life to help them get their life back.

Contact World Renew Disaster Response Services and learn more:, 800-848-5818,