There was so much damage to his home he wasn’t able to live there. The walls, floors, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and more were torn out and needed to be replaced.

The trouble was, Jeff was not able to make all those repairs on his own.


Here is Jeffs home under construction.

World Renew Disaster Response Services (DRS) opened a long-term reconstruction site in Dickinson, Texas, in November 2018 and began working on multiple homes for hurricane survivors, homes that still needed great amounts of repair.

Jeff’s home was one of these. World Renew DRS volunteers spent six straight weeks working on Jeff’s home. Just this spring, the home was finally move-in ready.

Move-in day is always a sacred day with World Renew. All the volunteers on site gather together. We call these times of gathering “Last Nail Celebrations.” During this long-time World Renew tradition, volunteers and others from the community celebrate a completed home by dedicating it to the Lord, and asking for the Lord’s continued mercies on those who enter.

When it was time to celebrate with Jeff, the Last Nail crowd included staff from Galveston Count Recovers, Jeff’s relatives, friends, and neighbors–all came to celebrate as World Renew DRS volunteers prayed a blessing over Jeff’s home, gave him a handmade quilt and a family Bible signed by volunteers, and helped hang the Last Nail Wreath.

Jeff was so pleased and grateful for these gifts and for the restoration of his home.

You can also help. Would you like to be a part of fixing a home for a disaster survivor? Visit to learn more and find volunteer opportunities. 


Header photo: Group of people: family, friends and volunteers gather to celebrate Jeff's restored home

Photo above: The gentleman holding the Bible is Jeff


Explanation of the Last Nail Wreath

Eternal God who has no beginning and no end is represented by the outer circle.

He makes His angels’ wings  going in every direction, ready to do His will.

The star represents Jesus, our bright morning star, whose light radiates to all corners of the world.

The small circle is our world ruined by sin. The love of Jesus is represented by the heart and His atoning death on the cross. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him may have eternal life.

On behalf of all who have labored here, please accept this wreath in gratitude to God for His love for us.

When you look on this wreath, may it help you recall His sacrifice, The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.