Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday is in less than two weeks!

On March 4, we are encouraging churches across Canada to hold an offering for World Renew’s work through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This year, the theme is “Ending Hunger”. Throughout Jesus’ ministry on Earth, he put an emphasis on caring for the hungry. He fed hungry crowds on at least two occasions, and told his disciples that whoever feeds the hungry is serving the Father.

One way World Renew does this is through distributing food to those who do not have enough to eat. Because these distributions are usually thousands of kilometers away, most of us have not had a chance to see them in person.

Today, we are “bringing the distribution to you” – through photos. These photos follow a young woman in Uganda, Mary Yorem (photo in header), as she receives food at a World Renew distribution site. Mary is a mother of four and because of drought last year, her crops failed. Without an income, she and her children only had enough food for one small meal each day. Through your generous gifts, Mary and hundreds of others in her community received monthly food during the toughest months.

Families came from two villages in western Uganda to attend this food distribution held by World Renew and local partner PAG-KIDO (Pentecostal Assemblies of God – Katakwi Integrated Development Organization). As the temperatures rise and the families wait for the food to arrive, they assemble under a large tree.

Trucks arrive with the food, and members of the community help to offload the food and place it into piles to be distributed.

Food distributions can often be a stressful time – waiting patiently for your turn to collect food. In spite of this, Mary and others enjoy teasing and jostling with each other as they wait in line.

Each person who receives food has an identity card, which proves that the right person receives the food. Mary is waiting patiently in line, with her card in hand, for her turn to receive food.

During this distribution, Mary received 75kg of maize flour, 10kg of beans, and 2 liters of oil. This is enough food for her family until the next distribution in one month’s time.

After receiving the flour, beans, and oil, Mary and her children carried the food back to their home so that they could prepare their next meal.

Here, Mary sits in front of the area she uses as a kitchen. Mary is incredibly thankful for the food she has received from World Renew. “This food donation means my children can eat in the morning,” she shared.

Through your gifts on Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday, you are helping World Renew to continue to support others like Mary, who do not have enough to eat because of circumstances caused by natural disaster or conflict. All donations you make are eligible for a match of up to 4:1 from the Canadian Government!