From her home in Honduras, Leanne Talen Geistefer, Latin America Team Leader, says World Renew staff are doing what they can while observing government mandates to “stay in place.”

According to Leanne, some Hondurans dismiss COVID-19 as a hoax to be ignored, while others are overwhelmed by fear.

In Honduras, there are only 12 government-owned respirators for their population of 9.2 million.

After the first COVID-19 cases were detected in mid-March in Haiti, the government closed all airports, schools, factories, and seaports to protect the impoverished nation of 11 million. Recent political unrest and inadequate healthcare further complicate fighting the virus.

girl washing hands in Guatemala
A hand washing station in Guatemala.
Though Guatemala offers free health care for its 16 million citizens, the system is under resourced. Chronic malnutrition—especially among indigenous Guatemalans in rural areas, makes certain segments of the population even more vulnerable to COVID-19.

The government in Nicaragua has not been proactive in sharing information on how to prevent COVID-19 or restricting public gatherings. Some World Renew partners are stepping into the gap as they circulate prevention resources in Spanish to their communities.

PLEASE PRAY that World Renew Latin America staff will be able to share COVID-19 prevention information. Ask God to give wisdom and unity to national and local leaders and strength to healthcare workers in these countries. Pray for comfort for those who have lost loved ones and for healing for the sick. Leanne says, “Pray that God’s people will reach out and be witnesses to the One who provides our comfort and keeps us safe.”

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