They are Our Neighbors [Ellos Son Nuestros Vecinos]

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Community Health
Nicaraguan woman washing hands from a bottle of clean water

Marlene Mendoza using a hand washing station. She said, “I am so thankful for ACJ. They have taught us a lot, helped a lot.”

In Nicaragua, COVID-19 is spreading but the government has issued no quarantines, shut downs, or travel restrictions. World Renew and our local partner, Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes (ACJ), are working hard to bring life-saving information to rural communities.

ACJ agronomists Hector and Samuel typically spend their days with farmers in their fields. Now they spend much of their time posting information in homes, churches, schools, and shops, and offering trainings to local leaders.

The people they talk to have the same reactions we’ve all had to the rise of COVID-19: disbelief, fear for themselves and their families, and confusion about how to protect themselves. Access to healthcare is difficult in these remote communities, so ACJ is promoting caution and prevention.

They are also installing small, water-efficient hand washing stations in villages, so people like Marlene can practice good hygiene — and stay safe.

“I take off and disinfect my clothes when I come back from public places. I use a mask whenever I am going to encounter other people. Social distance. Wash hands constantly. Avoid touching other people… I’m so thankful to ACJ. They have taught us a lot, helped a lot.”

While COVID cases increase across the country, thankfully ACJ still hasn’t heard of any in the 10 communities where they work. As this new pandemic reality shows us how interconnected our world is, please pray for the people of Nicaragua.

Ellos son nuestros vecinos.

They are our neighbors.

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