The National Hurricane Center reported that as of Thursday, the storm was located approximately 95 miles south-east of the mouth of Mississippi, reaching maximum wind speeds of 40 miles per hour (64 km/hr).

Officials have called a state of emergency and residents in some low-lying areas of Louisiana have been asked to evacuate. A flash flood warning for a wide area from Gulfport, Miss., to New Orleans and west of Baton Rouge will be in effect through Sunday morning.

The biggest threat to the region is flooding from the Mississippi River, which could come dangerously close to overtopping its banks. Officials warn that the storm surge could rise as high as 20ft (6m) above sea level, potentially exceeding the levees which protect the river from overflowing.

The tropical storm warning comes to a coastal area saturated with heavy rainfall and severe flooding in recent weeks. The city of New Orleans was hit by widespread street flooding and power outages on Wednesday this week. Now with the additional threat of a potential hurricane, and rainfall expected to last into next week, the city is on alert.

Please pray for safety and the peace of Christ as people brace for this storm and its impact on their lives, homes and communities.

Currently, World Renew Disaster Response Services is monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Barry, and assessing the potential needs of communities in the region. After the storm makes landfall, World Renew DRS will be prepared to assist the most vulnerable with initial assessments and clean up.

World Renew is accepting donations to assist the residents of Louisiana and New Orleans, particularly those who are left most vulnerable in a disaster―the elderly, disabled, and low-income families. Please consider giving today. 


Header photo: Tallulah Campbell, 8, clears out driftwood and other debris in preparation of Tropical Storm Barry near New Orleans, Louisiana, Thursday, July 11, 2019. The area is normally a driveway at her family's home that is one of the few on land called batture on the outside of the Mississippi River levee at the border of Orleans and Jefferson Parishes

Photo credit: AP Photo/Matthew Hinton