One in three people do not have access to a toilet.

For 2.4 billion people it is a daily struggle to keep their children and themselves safe from diseases.

People like Beste Gire who was forced to flee her home in South Sudan as the violence escalated, claiming the lives of her three adult sons.  Beste, with her two daughters and extended family, sought refuge in Uganda, finding themselves among hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese in temporary camps along the border.

Each day thousands of people arrive at the camp exhausted and afraid. The Ugandan people have been quick to welcome them and offer a safe space. But with so many people arriving each day it has been impossible to keep up with the necessary water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure. 

World Renew is responding to the urgent need in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Camp, where 232,000 refugees have arrived in the last four months and continue to arrive daily. 

World Renew and our local partner Here is Life (HIL) are committed to building 350 latrine/bathhouse units. But so many more are needed.

A gift of $250 will cover the cost of one latrine unit large enough to serve 50 families… but gifts of any size are welcome.

Your support will mean health and dignity for refugee families at Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Camp.

Learn more about World Renew’s reponse in Uganda.