In the immediate aftermath of the storm, World Renew worked with local partners to provide families with the essentials – food, clean drinking water, hygiene supplies, and temporary shelters. As months passed and families began to recover and rebuild, World Renew began focusing on longer-term needs. First, World Renew built new homes for families that had been left homeless, prioritizing the most vulnerable families.

Since March 2015, programs have focused on the long-term rehabilitation and economic recovery of communities. By taking a holistic approach to community recovery, World Renew is helping families to find sustainable ways to improve household incomes through agriculture and fishing, running a local business, taking part in savings and loans groups, and much more. Over the three years since this work began, entire communities are lifting themselves out of poverty. Families have enough to eat, can provide for their own basic needs, are able to afford education for their children, and are even earning enough to save for the future. 

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