Keep giving hope.

Every year, people like you set plans with World Renew to keep changing the story of poverty for future generations. By dedicating any of the assets below to World Renew, you can join in that enduring work.


Wherever we live in the world, we all need enough food – and the right food – not just to survive, but thrive. People in the world experience hunger every day – living without enough food to lead to a healthy and active lifestyle. 3 million children under the age of five die each year as a result of poor nutrition. The people most affected by food shortages are small-scale farmers and their families, who depend on their own surplus to survive between harvests.

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“When you look at God’s heart for the poor, it’s clear that organizations who are meeting the needs of the poor around the world must be a part of our legacy. And when it comes to World Renew, we have found it to be peculiar in all of the right ways. World Renew practices community development with great intentionality, helping communities to help themselves in ways no other organization can.”

-Randy and Rachel Kroll
Joseph Stewards since 2008
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