Rebuilding in Sierra Leone, following the civil war of the 1990’s, has restored much of the country infrastructure. Reconstruction of housing, village roads, and water and sanitation systems continues to be a major priority. Resonate Global Mission, a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC), is working with churches established during the twenty-five years of CRC presence in Sierra Leone. World Renew's programs are carried out through Christian Extension Services and the Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone.

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Christian Extension Services is a national NGO, originally established by CRWRC and CRWM in the early 1980’s. CES’s programme in Kabala this year has reached 70 women and girls with training to establish small businesses in tie-dyeing, tailoring, soap making, and hairdressing. Working with village development committees in 22 villages, CES encourages community transformation through leadership development, food security, and micro-enterprise development. Ten of these village development committees carried out planned activities to strengthen village infrastructure such as road repairs, wells and seed banks. Robert Jawara (national) is the director of Christian Extension Services (CES), working with a local staff of 22.


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