Rebuilding in Sierra Leone, following the civil war of the 1990’s, has restored much of the country infrastructure. Reconstruction of housing, village roads, and water and sanitation systems continues to be a major priority. Resonate Global Mission, a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC), is working with churches established during the twenty-five years of CRC presence in Sierra Leone. World Renew's programs are carried out through Christian Extension Services and the Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone.

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Christian Extension Services is a national NGO located in Kabala (northeast Sierra Leone), established by CRWRC and CRWM in the early 1980’s.
Restarted after the civil war in 2002, CES works with to create village development committees which it has helped to establish in 24 villages. These committees create plans for their communities and CES works with them to encourage community transformation through leadership development, food security, and micro-enterprise development.
This past year, eight villages carried out planned activities to strengthen village infrastructure such as grain drying floors, wells, grain storage buildings, a school and improved crop methods. Another 13 communities have ongoing village savings and loan cooperatives which provide capital to micro-enterprises. Leadership of CES is provided by its local Board of Directors through its leadership team consisting of Milton Marah, Mariama Charlie and Foray Marah and 5 staff members. 


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