The Thungo Family

Meet Free a Family's NEW Southern Africa representative family!

The Thungo family is made up of Nasoweka Thungo (mother, 1988) and her six children, Simon (son, 2001), Robert (son, 2004), Selifa (daughter, 2008), Muhammad (son, 2010), Philipo (son, 2013), and Kingsley (son, 2016).

The Thungo family lives in M'nchere village in central Malawi. Life has not been easy for them. They live in a grass-thatched house with no running water or electricity. They have no livestock and less than an acre of land on which to make a living. Worse of all, Nasoweka’s husband left her in April 2014 and she doesn’t know where he has gone. She now has the sole responsibility of raising her five children and making sure that they have what they need to grow healthily and stay in school.

To make a living, Nasoweka farms maize and beans on her small plot of land. She also hires herself out to work on other people’s farms or in their homes. When she still can’t make enough money to support her family, she asks her brother for help.  He lives in the same village and is willing to give her maize flour or other food when he can.

Despite these efforts, Nasoweka struggles to feed her family two meals a day. This year, for example, the rains started late and ended early. Nasoweka had no fertilizer for her field, and with the shortened rains and degraded soil she ended up with very little to harvest. Her two youngest children are still breastfeeding but are not growing as well as they should be. When a community health worker assessed the children, she recommended supplementary feeding due to acute malnutrition.

Nasoweka has now joined World Renew’s Mufuwa A Moto project. This project is aimed at reducing childhood malnutrition and the stunting that comes with it. The project will also help Nasoweka learn improved farming methods so that she can increase her harvests.

Please continue to pray for the Thungo family and their life in rural Malawi.


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