May 30, 2019 by Jon Self

Zachariah finds healing in a Refugee Camp

After British independence in 1956, a series of coup d’états and decades of civil war left the nation of Sudan in turmoil. In 2011, South Sudan gained independence from the north, and many hoped that this would bring peace. However, eight years later conflict continues and South Sudan remains a deeply fractured country. Over the last three years, violence has intensified and nearly one million South Sudanese people have fled for their lives, taking refuge in Uganda.

Nov 30, 2018

An Inspirational Young Man

When war descended upon his village in South Sudan, he was forced to flee – on foot. “I felt that my life would be in danger, so I left.” However, this journey was not easy. With the help of his brother, Emmanuel, who literally carried him on his back, they made a long, two-day journey to the Bidibidi refugee settlement in northern Uganda.                                     

Nov 14, 2018 by Jon Self

The Difference One Latrine Can Make

Her husband, who was a soldier, was killed in the war. As conflict descended upon their community, they had few options. They decided to make the long journey on foot to Bidibidi, a refugee settlement in northern Uganda. It has been two years since they first arrived.