Beauty out of Ashes: Trauma Healing in Williams Lake, British Columbia 


Update August 2017

Regarding the British Columbia fires, please see the following updates:

200 Wildfires Burn in British Columbia (article, July 13)
Coming Together in the Face of Disaster (article, July 15)
Responding to Fires and Floods Across Canada (article, August 2)


Update June 2017

After a microburst damaged or destroyed 65 homes in eastern Kentucky, regional managers reached out to the community. Services and support were offered to the community.

A needs assessment was conducted in Albany, Georgia in May (click to learn more) in response to January storms. The local recovery organization, Albany Relief and Recovery, has already helped 23 of the families who met with our volunteers, helping the families to recover from the storm.

Regional managers Rich and Pat Grasman are in Missouri once again (click to read more), this time meeting with community leaders in Van Buren to help set up their long-term recovery group in response to the May flooding. The recovery group is getting started and looking forward to how World Renew can assist.

Regional managers for Eastern Canada, Bruce and Christine DeBoer, have been responding to May flooding in Gatineau and Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa and Minden, Ontario. The DeBoer's have met with churches and connected with World Renew partner organizations who are taking the lead on clean-up efforts. They are monitoring the situation to determine how best World Renew can help.


The first major disasters of 2017 struck in January when tornados ranging in category from EF-1 to EF-3 touched down in Mississippi and Georgia.

World Renew DRS regional managers were quickly connected with local, state, and federal officials to monitor the situation.

Since the tornadoes, regional managers have been offering services to affected communities and in April 2017, an unmet needs assessment team served the Albany, Georgia community.

On January 22, 2017, a deadly EF3 tornado came through Dougherty County, Georgia causing considerable damage in the area immediately south of Albany. Less than three weeks earlier, a storm with straight line winds caused significant destruction in Albany also. That storm resulted in many downed trees and homes that sustained wind and tree damage.

The team of World Renew DRS volunteers helped connect tornado survivors with their local recovery group, Albany Relief and Recovery, to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

“We were told of how the Lord protected one particular community during the tornado. Almost 100 people from one mobile home community gathered at a church to pray when the tornado watch came out. While they were in prayer in the church, the tornado hit that community, leaving terrible damage to homes. But, lives were undoubtedly saved by the prayer meeting,” said Mark and Carol Martin, World Renew Regional Managers.

Those who volunteer with World Renew truly feel called and equipped by God to serve those impacted by disasters. Will you join us? Whether it be by donating $35 to North America Disasters 2017 to connect an Albany family with help to repair their home, or by volunteering someplace this year, your contribution to World Renew will bring the hope and love of Christ to those on the difficult road of putting their lives back together after these disasters.