World Hunger

There are 821 million people who lack regular access to food.

World Hunger

There are 821 million people who lack regular access to food.


Without regular, nutritious meals, communities become acutely malnourished (called wasting), which severely impacts their ability to work to their fullest capacity or provide for themselves. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization tells us that 25,000 adults and children die every day from hunger-related causes. You can help.


October is World Hunger month. Each year, thousands of churches throughout North America join World Renew to raise awareness and funds that respond to hunger and bring sustainable hope.


Beyond World Hunger month, many churches, nonprofits, and businesses pursue multi-year partnerships through World Renew with communities around the globe to holistically change the story of hunger in their local context.

Food Security

When you give to change the story of hunger, World Renew provides hungry communities with the tools, training, and supplies to shift their farming practices sustainably and achieve lasting food security.

Church Resources

When it comes to famine and hunger, World Renew practices comprehensive development work that addresses all of the factors that contribute to food insecurity.

Your participation in this year’s World Hunger Campaign can strengthen our systematic approach to address the challenges that keep 821 million people around the world hungry today.

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