World Hunger

Due to conflict, climate change, and current economic crises, as many as 828 million people do not know where their next meal will come from. While the scale of the current global hunger crisis feels enormous, your gifts will help hungry families to plant, grow, and harvest enough food. Help World Renew change the story of hunger for good.

World Hunger

Due to conflict, climate change, and the effects of COVID-19, the number of people suffering from acute food insecurity has grown to over 193 million people globally. Millions more are living day-to-day with precarious access to food. Help World Renew change this story for good by partnering with hungry families around the world to plant, grow, and harvest food.

When you give to end world hunger, you are giving families around the world access to essential tools and in-depth training in sustainable, climate-adaptive farming. With your gift, you not only provide families with nourishment—but also with the opportunity to educate their children, start new businesses, and save for the future. With enough food, families can thrive.

Give today and discover how food spreads the story of good around the world.


Globally, 1 in 4 children under the age of five have stunted growth due to lack of food. We know that every child and every family should have access to enough food to thrive. Your gift of $25 will give a kitchen garden kit to a family. A gift of $200 gives a farmer the tools, seeds, and training in sustainable farming for an entire year.


Share an evening with friends and family without the added expense of a night out. Enjoy an evening of cooking together with our Dinner for Good recipe kit. Afterward, donate what you would have spent on an evening out together to our World Hunger Campaign to help World Renew’s efforts in achieving food security around the world.


World Renew has resources for your church to raise awareness and funds in the fight against world hunger. With worship materials, videos, kids activities, and more, your faith community has everything you need to help change the story of hunger in over 30 countries.

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Food is Changing Jocelyn’s Story for Good.

Jocelyn is 8 years old and lives in a small, rural community in Nicaragua located in Central America’s “Dry Corridor.” For the last five years, erratic weather patterns like long droughts and excessive rains have devastated crops, leaving farmers and their families prone to hunger and malnutrition. Children like Jocelyn are especially vulnerable.

Together with World Renew, Jocelyn’s community is working hard to change the story of hunger. With new farming methods that allow them to grow more drought-resistant crops, farmers are able to harvest beans, vegetables, and sorghum. Now Jocelyn’s family has the means to grow more nutritious food that will help fuel her future.


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