Join Us in a Dinner for Good.

World Renew and Food Network Chef Melissa D’Arabian have teamed up to create a special evening of dining in for the sake of addressing food insecurity around the world. This night promises a unique chance to mindfully prepare and savor a meal with your community.  

This is a chance for you and a friend, significant other, or spouse to share an evening together without the added expense of a night out. Let Melissa set the stage for your evening of cooking and meaningfully engaging the themes of food, faith, and  justice–right from the comfort of your home. Afterward, World Renew hopes you will donate what you would have spent on an evening out together to the World Hunger Campaign to help our efforts to achieve food security around the world.

Together, through God’s power, we can help all people flourish.  

How Do I Participate?

1. Click above before November 7 to download your dinner kit.

2. Schedule your Dinner for Good on whatever night works best for you.

3. Review and prepare Melissa’s shopping list and read World Renew’s conversation prompts for this special evening.

4. Enjoy the evening and give the savings to families seeking food security around the world. 


A gift of $40 provides a farmer with a bushel of rice to plant. A gift of $200 provides the tools, training, and seeds a farmer needs to feed their family for an entire year.

Meet Melissa

Embodying home cooking at its finest, Melissa naturally connects with today’s diverse families to offer unique yet relatable food and lifestyle solutions that are part of her calling to celebrate where food and faith in Jesus intersect through eating well, shopping as a mindful consumer, spending with purpose, and celebrating God’s gifts of creation in her recipes. Melissa won season 5 of “The Next Food Network Star”, subsequently hosted “Ten Dollar Dinners”, and is the New York Times bestselling author of Ten Dollar Dinners: 140 Recipes and Tips to Elevate Simple, Fresh Meals Any Night of the Week. Her latest book, Tasting Grace, released in 2019. Melissa and her family live just outside San Diego. She is honored to share one of her favorite recipes with World Renew for the sake of raising awareness and funds to address food insecurity around the world. Find more from Melissa on her website,

Something to Ponder

Many families in Canada and the United States have faced food insecurity in the last year. Many more have also confronted unemployment, illness, and/or exhaustion. If you can gather in a way that is COVID-safe, this could be a special chance to extend your table to members of your community who are suffering. If gathering doesn’t work, find out if dropping off the recipe packet, conversation themes, and ingredients would be a blessing!