Host a Dinner for Good to Help End Hunger for Good.

Share Your Table with the World’s Families

This is a chance for you along with friends, family, or a significant other to share an evening together without the added expense of a night out. Let World Renew help set the stage for your evening of cooking and meaningfully engaging the themes of food, faith, and justice—right from the comfort of your home. Afterward, World Renew hopes you will donate what you would have spent on an evening out together—or a gift amount that feels right to you—to help in our efforts in ending hunger around the world.

Together, we can take small actions to help all people thrive.

Dinner for Good Kits

World Renew and Food Network Chef Melissa d’Arabian have teamed up to create a special evening of dining in to help address food insecurity around the world. This night promises a unique chance to mindfully prepare and savor one of Melissa’s favorite meals, chicken piccata with a side of polenta, with your family and friends.


We are excited to bring this brand-new, internationally inspired Dinner for Good recipe kit to you. Read through and you will discover how to prepare a savory meal from Zambia—where we have worked since 1980. Handpicked by our World Renew Zambia staff, ifisashi is a savory stew of spinach and sweet potatoes. This versatile meal is a great option for vegans as it is meat and dairy free, but if you prefer meat with your meal, any that is handy can be added.



How Do I Host a Dinner for Good?


Not sure how to host a Dinner for Good? Here’s a few easy steps to help you get started:

STEP 1: Choose your dinner kit and download.  

STEP 2: Schedule your Dinner for Good on whatever night works best for you. 

STEP 3: Review your dinner kit and prepare a shopping list. Don’t forget to read World Renew’s conversation starters for this special evening!  

STEP 4: Enjoy the evening and give your savings on a dinner out to families seeking food security around the world.  

STEP 5: Be a “Foodie for Good” and share your special night on social media—and help to encourage your friends to host their own Dinner for Good! Each time you snap a picture of food, share the picture with the hashtag #dinnerforgood. 


Your gift of $25 will give a family a kitchen garden kit to grow their own food. $50 will give a family a goat, so they can sell the milk for income. A gift of $200 gives a farmer tools, seeds, and training in sustainable farming for an entire year.


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Looking for even more recipes?

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