(GUATEMALA) In December, World Renew Guatemala facilitated a learning event called, “Education Based on Dialogue.” The event consisted of a four-and-a-half-day workshop in which the participants learned about adult learning theory, facilitation techniques, and the basics of designing a learning session.

The workshop was oriented for staff of World Renew’s partner agencies who are involved in adult training in health, agriculture, adult education and diaconal work. In this workshop the participants were required to design a learning session employing the new skills taught in the training.

Twelve of the people who participated in the event work as promoters for World Renew’s four partners in Guatemala and three participants were from our partner in Chiapas, Mexico. Of the 15 participants from the partner agencies, seven were women, and that is a good indication of the importance of women promoters in community transformation programs. World Renew and our partner organizations emphasize empowering women in new roles, so it is good to see this positive result in their involvement in this training event.

The event achieved important results in addition to accomplishing our learning objectives. It was satisfying to see that the participants demonstrated a positive attitude toward teamwork and collaboration throughout the workshop, achieving an environment where they were eager to share their experiences, listen, and learn from each other.

The learning event was facilitated by Leanne Geisterfer, World Renew’s Latin America Ministry Team Leader, with the collaboration of Carlos Colop, a local consultant. The event was funded by World Renew’s Delta Team Capacity-building Funds, the Latin America Ministry Team, and Guatemala Country Team.

Prayer Requests

  • My wife Beky is on her sixth month of pregnancy and we are praying for good development until delivery. It's a boy and he’s due in March!!
  • Three of our four partners' directors have been hospitalized in the last quarter. Please pray for the reestablishment of their health. 

In His Service,

Sadoc Aguilar Palma

Program Consultant
World Renew Guatemala