World Renew has been working in Guatemala since 1976.


World Renew has been working in Guatemala since 1976.


For Guatemala, the road to independence and transparent democracy has not been without its fair share of problems. After ten years of successful social reforms and democracy, Guatemala fell into turmoil after a U.S.-backed coup in 1954. A civil war started in 1960 and left 36 years of conflict and over 200,000 dead. Peace finally came in 1996 and Guatemala is making political strides to end the violence, corruption, and poverty that has so affected the lives of its people.

Food Security

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Peace and Justice


Asociación Programa Integral de Desarrollo Cristiano, literally Association of the Integral Program for Christian Development; the Presbyterian Service Committee of Peten

World Renew works with Peten to address the needs of poor families in several counties in the Peten region. The region of Peten is frequently visited by tourists because it is home to the Mayan ruins of Tikal. Unfortunately, despite this rich history and attraction, many people of Peten live in poverty. This is due, in part, to hot weather that can hinder the growth of food crops.

Through the partner APIDEC, World Renew is working on holistic community development which includes agricultural training, preventive health programs for children, and adult education. By encouraging farmers to plant new crops that can withstand high heat, and by teaching nutrition and hygiene communities in Peten are making great strides for the future.

Asociación de Desarrollo Integral del Polochic, literally the Association for the Integral Development of Polochic Valley; the Presbyterian Service Committee of Kekchi

The region of Kekchi is in the northeastern part of the country. Because it is hard to access, the region has had a long history of being under-developed and abandoned by many government programs. As a result, it has the highest level of illiteracy in the country. Its people also live in poverty. Through this partner, World Renew is helping communities improve their agricultural production, prevent childhood disease, and increase adult education. Adult education programs start with basic literacy, but also include elementary, secondary, and diploma-level possibilities.

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