The Leadership Program is designed to empower church pastors, preachers, evangelists, sunday school teachers, and youth leaders, as well as directors and teachers of local Christian schools, all of whom in turn train those with whom they work.

The Ministry of Christian Development also offers a Diaconal Training Program that supports deacons from different communities and a variety of churches, helping local churches to develop their own diaconal ministry. This three-year program includes fourteen subjects per year, fostering a broad understanding of community development and teaching deacons how to organize local projects in their community. After three years, the graduates organize themselves into a diaconal association dedicated to improving their administration and working in their respective communities.

MDK’s trainees encourage these “graduate” diaconal associations to develop local community projects by providing them with technical assistance, connection with other local or intermediary organizations, and seed money for projects, often in the form of matching funds. So much exciting work has come out of this program. MDK has been involved in three road improvement projects; an agricultural store project in Badyo, Kenscoff, a community near Port-Au-Prince;  a village savings and loan project; a literacy project; a tree nursery; a latrine construction project, and a series of community organizing activities. MDK training is all about the church as an agent for transformation in a community.


Troy Sanon

Country Consultant
World Renew Haiti