Over 20 million people across East, Central and West Africa are at risk of famine because, and millions more could join them unless we act now.

These humanitarian crises, caused by both drought and conflict, are devastating communities and leaving millions of families on the brink of starvation.

On May 29, the Canadian Government announced that all donations made to humanitarian organizations responding to this crisis from March 17 – June 30 will be matched.

World Renew is already responding to this crisis in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria.  These countries are all eligible for the Government of Canada's matching donation program.

In South Sudan, World Renew’s work includes supporting a program that is providing nutritional food supplements to malnourished children. This assistance is reaching 1,000 families with children under 5, pregnant or lactating women, or those headed by a single adult or child.

In northern Nigeria, Word Renew, in partnership with ZOA, is providing urgently needed food assistance to families who have been affected by drought and displacement caused by Boko Haram’s violence in the region. 

In Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, famine has not yet been declared. However, the needs are still enormous and World Renew is providing assistance to communities now, in order to prevent more serious harm to families, especially the elderly and the young, from food insecurity.

Canadianswith the government’s announcement of matching funds your donation will be doubled, on top of the already existing match of up to 4:1 through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. That means that from March 17 – June 30, all donations made to help families affected by this crisis are eligible to be matched up to five times!

Through your prayers and financial support you can be part of this critical response.

Please give generously today.



Famine and Drought Response Powerpoint
(Download available via Hightail)