In 2017, over 20 million people across East, Central and West Africa were at risk of famine and starvation.

Fortunately, the food security situation has improved slightly. But there are still many families that do not have enough to eat and are living in crisis right now. Ongoing crises continue to devastate communities and leave families without enough food to eat. World Renew is responding to food needs in Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and Madagascar.

In northern Nigeria, Word Renew, in partnership with ZOA, is providing cash assistance to families who have been affected by drought and displacement caused by Boko Haram’s violence in the region. This cash is giving families the freedom and flexibility to purchase whatever they need most.

In Ethiopia, Kenya, and Madagascar, World Renew is providing food to families now, specifically focusing on the most vulnerable members of communities – the elderly, women and children.

Canadians – through World Renew’s membership in the Foodgrains Bank, all donations are eligible for a match up to 4:1 Through your prayers and financial support you can be part of this critical response.

Please give generously today.


Famine and Drought Response Powerpoint (PPT)