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  • Chicken

    With a small investment, families can raise chickens for eggs, meat, and manure to earn income to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, and school tuition. Your gift of a chicken helps a family access a consistent source of protein and start a small business in backyard chicken farming.
  • Rabbit

    Soft, cuddly bunnies are super cute! They also reproduce quickly to help farmers earn income. A doe (female rabbit) usually has four litters of babies a year. Give one rabbit, or help a farmer get a start in rabbit-raising with 3 rabbits to breed for better nutrition, manure to grow food, and to earn a more stable income.
  • Your gift of soybeans to grow to make soymilk provides young children with essential nutrients for good health. World Renew health volunteers teach parents to make soymilk by soaking and boiling the beans in water so they can supplement their child’s diet with nutrients for proper growth.
  • When moms and dads struggle to provide their children with nutritious food to eat, World Renew helps parents supplement their children's diets to insure that they grow up to live full, healthy lives. A nutrition kit includes soybeans to make soymilk, medicine to stop parasites, and vitamins for essential nutrients. Get one, two, or the kit!
  • Your gift of vitamins for a child who is struggling to eat enough nutritious food for proper growth provides the nutrients they need to get back on the path to good health. Supplementing a child’s diet with the vitamins and minerals they need to grow now helps build good health for a lifetime. 
  • Traditional foods like corn or rice and beans provide calories, but not enough nutrients for long-term health. Your gift of new seed varieties provides hard-working parents and growing children with produce like spinach, long beans, carrots, and tomatoes for more balanced meals that include the vitamins and minerals required for good health.
  • Loop Hoe

    A loop hoe is a simple farm tool for weeding that helps a homesteading family raise more food to eat and sell for income. This tool saves time, increases crop yields, and ultimately contributes to a family's overall health and wellbeing.
  • Duck

    Raising ducks helps farm families earn income all year. Duck eggs provide protein for better health, and duck droppings can be used as fertilizer to grow more nutritious vegetables. Your gift of a duck can also help a family earn enough income from selling eggs to begin a savings account to help them get through a crisis.
  • To grow up healthy, children need nutritious food every day. Your gift of a nutrition kit helps supplement children’s diets to insure that they get the vitamins and minerals they need for a lifetime of good health. This kit includes vitamins, medicine to stop parasites, and seeds to grow to make soymilk.
  • Your gift of seeds for green manure provides a subsistence farmer with self-fertilizing plants like velvet bean and other nitrogen-fixing legumes to intercrop between rows of produce. Green manure significantly improves soil fertility to help farm families grow more food to eat and sell for income.
  • What can you buy for a dollar each? How about 25 ducklings! Give a farmer the gift of being able to provide more food and better health for their family by raising ducks for eggs, meat, feathers, and income.
  • Give a community the gift of good health with a handwashing station that can stop the spread of germs and diseases, including COVID-19. This simple handwashing station is easy to build with local materials and is foot-powered, so it is sanitary and works without electricity.
  • Where Needed Most

    There are many great ways in this catalog to use your donation well. When you choose to give “where needed most,” World Renew directs your gift to areas of great need around the world where it can do the greatest good.
  • World Renew disaster response volunteers need safe, usable tools to repair the homes of disaster survivors in the U.S. and Canada. Your gift can include hand and power tools such as nail guns, drills, saws, hammers, tape measures, paint brushes, levels, and much more!
  • Help a family eat more nutritious food every day by growing a garden right outside their door. A sack garden is a great way to add fruit and vegetables to a family’s diet. Give a kitchen garden kit of 5 gunnysacks and 5 seed starter packets. Just add soil, water, and sunshine!
  • Finding enough food is a daily struggle for someone living in poverty. Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, there are even fewer options for hungry people worldwide to earn income to buy or grow food. You can help a family build resilience by providing seeds to plant to grow food to eat until they are able to work outside their home again.
  • Free a Family

    For less than $1 a day, you can help families around the world overcome poverty. Through World Renew programs in their own community, people learn skills in leadership, agriculture, health, nutrition, literacy, and much more. The result is more nutritious food, clean water, better health and enough income for families and their communities.
  • Your gift of training in poultry-raising helps families successfully raise chickens for food and income. This training includes instruction in feeding, tending, and hatching healthy chickens as well as information about basic accounting, budgeting, and marketing skills to equip farmers for success.
  • Beehive

    Your gift of a beehive provides a farmer with honey year-round and increases crop production for a whole community by pollinating fruits and vegetables for several miles around the hive. A beehive provides cash for basic necessities when the farmer sells the honey at a local market.
  • Farmers around the world work hard to increase their crop production. World Renew teaches farmers how to improve their growing techniques through practices like SRI, a System of Rice Intensification. This gift provides a woman farmer with a bushel of rice seed to plant so she can grow more food to eat and sell for income.
  • 12 Months of Christmas

    Find encouragement and joy year-round by signing up for World Renew’s 12 Months of Christmas Club! For just $45 a month, or $540 a year, you can stretch your financial giving to help people who live with poverty and hunger in communities around the world.
  • Poor nutrition can leave babies with physical, mental, and health deficits that last a lifetime. Your gift of a weighing scale and height measure for a baby or toddler helps a local health worker track growth monthly and prevent malnutrition and permanent stunting.
  • Low-income homeowners in the U.S. and Canada who survive a tornado, flood, or hurricane often need help to make their homes safe and livable again. Your gift of clean-up after a disaster provides volunteer labor, cleaning supplies, and mold removal so families can return to a safe, dry, usable home.
  • Give a farmer the best chance for success with beekeeper training from World Renew. Classes include information on hive management, harvesting and preserving honey, marketing, and small business start-up. Your gift of beekeeper training helps farm families with income to buy food during the “hungry time” between harvests.
  • Goat

    More people worldwide eat goat than any other meat. With your gift of a goat, a hungry family can grow more food, have milk and meat for better nutrition, and earn more income year-round.
  • A jab planter is a hand tool that helps a small-holder farmer create a planting hole (the jab) and then drop a seed in the hole (the planting). Your gift of this labor/our-saving device also saves time and energy when crops need to be put in the ground at the start of the rainy season, and provides food and income for a farm family at harvest.
  • Most families worldwide don’t have access to refrigeration, so they need a way to preserve the food they grow. Your gift of a solar dehydrator allows families to dry fruit and vegetables so that they are shelf stable. The dried food is ground into powder to add to bread, tortillas, and beverages. Smart and nutritious!
  • In a crisis, food and other essential supplies can be scarce. You can provide a month of food staples to a family experiencing a disaster overseas. Your gift includes a month’s supply of beans, rice, cooking oil, and more to nourish an extended family group. In Canada, contributions to this catalogue item will be matched 4x!
  • We have a new pal in the Friendship Pack this year! Now there are five best buds in this great gift – four chickens and a goat. Give farm families an opportunity to overcome poor rains and poorer harvests by earning a steady income without having to leave home and loved ones to find work elsewhere.
  • Your gift of a savings box (cash or lock box) gives a community women’s group the opportunity to learn to better steward their resources by saving, investing, and thriving. Many families have never had money to save or a savings account. This simple gift gives families a way to plan for emergencies, pay for medicine, or start a new business.

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