Nigeria continues to face the daunting task of reforming a petroleum-based economy, whose revenues have been squandered through corruption and mismanagement. Nigeria struggles with issues of corruption in private sectors, widespread poverty, unemployment, underemployment, prolonged Boko Haram insurgence, as well as the impact of HIV and AIDS.

World Renew has been working in Nigeria since 1969. Together with its partners, World Renew is working in communities to strengthen the economy, improve agricultural production, improve adult literacy, increase gender equity and justice, empower the disabled and vulnerable populations, respond to HIV and AIDS, improve adolescent health and rights, promote a healthier environment, and bring about peace, justice, gender equity and hope.

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World Renew Partners In Nigeria


World Renew (along with the Christian Reformed World Missions – CRWM) started Beacon of Hope Initiative in 2001 in order to work directly with communities, organizations, and more specifically with the Fellowship of Churches of Christ in Nigeria (a membership organization currently made up of 15 national church denominations commonly referred to as TEKAN) in responding to HIV and AIDS pandemic and other health and community development related issues. BHI was officially registered with the Nigerian government as a corporate body on October 7, 2010. Through the Embrace AIDS campaign, World Renew enhanced the efforts of Beacon of Hope Initiative by equipping religious groups, communities, and other organizations to empower and transform individuals and their communities. World Renew also facilitated BHI partnership with USAID and Food for the Hungry International to promote sexual abstinence for singles (especially among youth) and faithfulness for married couples. World Renew also facilitated BHI partnership with Oikonomos Foundation in responding to the HIV and AIDS situation in Nigeria. World Renew is currently in its third year of facilitating BHI partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development (DFATD) in a four-year agreement to support Beacon of Hope Initiative to address adolescent health and rights in Nigeria. Through BHI, World Renew is also reaching out to traumatized individuals and communities in eight northern states in Nigeria. Widows and orphans are also being supported with grant from Africa Widows and Orphans Support organization in the US. Through support from River Terrace Church in Lansing, USA, Beacon of Hope Initiative is reaching out to the poor and responding to HIV and AIDS in NKST – Universal Reformed Christian Church. Grace and Light International, an HIV and AIDS ministry also collaborates with World Renew and BHI.


The Ecumenical Centre for Justice and Peace (ECJP) is a non-governmental organization established in 1996 to address injustice issues and violent crises prevalent in Nigeria. ECJP has grown to expand its programs in the area of HIV and AIDS, health education, income generation, and adult literacy. ECJP trains and empowers communities, organizations, and individuals to bring about peaceful co-existence, to enhance responsive, participatory, and accountable governance, and to promote people-oriented community-based development.


The Beautiful Gate Handicapped People Center (commonly called ‘Beautiful Gate’) is established with a view to glorify God by providing physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual support to those who are in some way handicapped, in order for them to become more self-sufficient and serve their families and communities better. The organization provides a very good platform for Christian-Muslim peaceful collaboration and peacebuilding. 


World Renew, has since 1969 collaborated and empowered several other partners. These include:

  1. Reformed Ecumenical Council of Nigeria (training of leaders of Reformed churches to develop effective diaconal ministries as well as in peacebuilding and reconciliation)

  2. Urban Ministry (income generation, adult literacy, health education, and values formation)

  3. Church of the Brethren (EYN) – agriculture

  4. Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (small business development involving the rural poor in areas of poultry, growing of economic trees, savings and loan programs through cooperatives, etc)

  5. Ministry with Nomadic Fulani (agricultural program with focus on empowering the nomadic Fulani in Nigeria to own and care for their cows)

  6. Christian Rural and Urban Development association of Nigeria (empowering organizations in holistic development)

  7. Rural Development Counselors for Christian Churches in Africa (RURCON) (holistic development training of churches, organizations, and individuals)

  8. Partners Worldwide (PW) in the areas of entrepreneurship, water development, evangelism, personal hygiene, literacy (formal and non-formal), vaccination of children, and justice education.



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