Join Urgent DRS Response to Michigan Flooding

Join Urgent DRS Response to Michigan Flooding

On May 19, 2020, the floodwaters of the Tittabawassee River poured into Midland, Michigan and surrounding towns following four days of substantial rainfall and the failure of two privately-owned dams. This flooding, the worst recorded in the state in the 84 years, forced thousands of families to flee their homes while complying with Michigan’s stay-at-home order in response to COVID-19.

Since the flooding two weeks ago, DRS staff have been in regular communication with potential partners to determine the most pressing needs in the area as well as the most effective ways that DRS can lend support.

In addition to phone calls and email, DRS staff have been on-site in this area twice (Thursday, May 28, and Monday, June 1) to meet with the pastor at Midland Reformed Church and to connect with other local partners, survey damage, and assess current recovery efforts.

“We continue to talk with area leaders about how World Renew DRS can best support the cleanup and recovery efforts, recognizing the effectiveness of local efforts initiated through neighbors helping neighbors before the first out-of-town volunteers or organization arrived to assist. We praise God for a group of area pastors and churches who are collaborating to actively and intentionally love their neighbors in the coming days, weeks, and months.”

-Chris Gibson, DRS Groups Program Manager

Even so, the damage sustained in the area is substantial, impacting families who have faced both the health and economic fallout of COVID-19 and currently find themselves under-resourced, afraid, and on the verge of hopelessness.

 In response, the DRS team seeks to bring funds and volunteers from the Michigan area together to renew community hope. 

“Currently, our team is in dialogue regarding the safe coordination of local volunteer operations in the near future. If deemed compliant with physical distancing best practices, we will extend an invitation to experienced DRS staff/volunteers for a ‘one-day-serve’ to continue with recovery efforts in this area,” explains Gibson.

Due to COVID-19, we will not be setting up volunteer housing, feeding volunteers, or permitting volunteering that spans more than one day. In addition, volunteers will need to follow COVID-19 safe practices while serving on this site and must live within 2 hours of the Midland area in order to serve.

While we await approval on a volunteer response, the need continues to dictate urgency and your financial gifts and prayers can provide a tangible and prompt response for families currently struggling. 

Give $30
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For your ongoing questions, care, support, and prayers, thank you. You continue to embody the very hope of the gospel to these families in pain, and we feel honored to share God’s love, through you, with those who need it most.

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