Carlos Vicente lives in Las Minas. Like so many other young men in his community, Carlos attended school until 6th grade, when his parents no longer had the funds required to let him continue. Now nineteen years old, Carlos works in agriculture with his parents.

Where some might look at the abrupt end to education as the end of learning, Carlos has chosen a different story. Two years ago, Carlos met World Renew’s partner staff who motivated him to join the communities’ credit union.

Carlos remembers, “Friends my age would criticize me for willingly going to the meetings instead of going to play soccer, but I knew I couldn’t miss a meeting. Now I know it was the best decision because I have gotten to know the community leaders who also give me advice.”

Through that experience, Carlos has learned welding, beekeeping, how to manage local fisheries, GPS technology, and cartography (map making). Each of these skills gives Carlos new and stable sources of income to help support his family and the chance to take on greater leadership in the community.

Through you, Carlos keeps dreaming up new ways to change his world:

“In time, I hope to be a part of ALFALIT’s general assembly and then the board of Directors, and to be able to help the communities.”

Thank you for coming alongside Carlos.

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