Responding to Hurricane Eta in Latin America

Hurricane Eta tore across Nicaragua, Honduras, and other countries last week, pummeling the remote communities located in the poorest areas of Latin America. Men, women, and children in these communities are now in desperate need of food, water and hygiene products. World Renew continues to support our partners in Latin America as they are on the ground in these communities delivering essentials and ensuring people have shelter.
Collapsed houses in Honduras

Miguel, a volunteer with World Renew’s partner The Luke Society of Nicaragua, experienced the devastating impact of Eta firsthand. Despite the lack of public warnings from the government, Miguel had the foresight to take his wife and children to a safe house as news spread that Hurricane Eta was about to hit Nicaragua. World Renew, too, was working with our partners, the Luke Society and Christian Medical Action, to prepare families for Eta, evacuating them where necessary and setting up emergency shelters.

His family safe, Miguel returned to his home to protect his family’s belongings from thieves who might prey on evacuated houses. But Miguel soon realized that Eta was more dangerous than thieves. He had to flee his home and head for higher ground as Eta made landfall as a Category 4 storm with 140 mph winds that blew the roofs off of houses, smashed waves through homes washing away food and personal belongings, destroyed crops, and displaced thousands of people forcing them to seek shelter in churches and schools. It estimated that 2.5 million people in the region have been affected by impacts from Hurricane Eta and more than 300,000 people are now displaced.

As Miguel reached the safety of a higher structure, he heard people crying for help. And even after Hurricane Eta raged on past Nicaragua, the cries for help continue. Already plagued with rising poverty and crime rates due to the economic fallout of COVID-19, Eta further robbed families of their homes, clean drinking water, and their livelihoods.

Miguel thanks God that he and his family’s lives were spared, but like millions across Latin America impacted by Eta, he doesn’t know what’s next. With COVID-19 precautions in mind, our partners on the ground will be there with Miguel and other people displaced by Hurricane Eta, providing relief items such as food, hygiene kits, buckets, and blankets, as well as helping with immediate cleanup efforts.

Your generous donation will be matched 1:1 through our International Disaster Response fund, up to $25,000 USD. All donations will be used to provide essentials such as food, water, shelter, and hygiene kits for families in Latin America affected by this disaster.

We thank God for all lives spared and for the hope He gives to forge on in the face of disaster. We ask for your continued prayers and support for the people throughout Latin America that they feel the strength and hope of God supporting them as they rebuild.

Thank you for your gifts as they provide for families affected by Hurricane Eta with food, water, and shelter for today — and hope for tomorrow.

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