World Renew Receives the SEEP Network Innovation Fund for Work with Women-Led Savings Groups in Uganda 

World Renew has been awarded The SEEP Network Innovation Fund as part of the Women Saving for Resilience program.

After receiving nearly 300 proposals to the Womens Savings for Resilience Innovation Fund, The SEEP Network conducted an extensive review and selected five recipients for the fund: DreamStart Labs, ElleSolaire, Global Communities, World Renew, and the Zoological Society of London. Each recipient was granted the award in recognition of their gender intentional COVID-19 response & recovery efforts, specifically with women and Savings Groups.

Globally, 80% of Savings Groups members are women. Together, World Renew and the other award recipients are conducting critical work in the areas of women’s livelihoods, voice and leadership, violence against women, digital Savings Groups, crisis and emergency risk communications, access to finance, and clean energy.

World Renew is honored to join its fellow recipients and will use this support from the SEEP Network to build and strengthen thirteen Cluster Level Associations (CLAs) in Uganda in order to enhance the capacity of Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) to respond to the gendered impacts of COVID-19. These CLAs will advocate for the prevention of gender-based violence through the Stepping Stones methodology, improve women’s access to and control over resources, and expand members’ access to public and private service providers in the region. Learning will be consolidated into a practical, gender intentional, facilitation toolkit for CLAs.

“We’re thrilled with the news of this award,” says World Renew US Director Carol Bremer-Bennett. “World Renew’s programming in Uganda is well established and has a strong track record for equipping women with the tools they need to change the story of poverty for themselves and their families. To have that work recognized and now bolstered through the generous support of The SEEP Network and, specifically, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is not only a wonderful honor, but a pivotal step in transforming the economic trajectory for the next generation of women in these communities and building resilience for Saving Groups as well as their members in times of crisis.”

For ongoing updates check on the progress of World Renew’s SEEP Innovation Fund Award.

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