World Renew has been working in Senegal since 1989.


World Renew has been working in Senegal since 1989.

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Senegal is one of West Africa’s more stable countries, but it remains a low-income, food-deficit nation. Senegal ranks 162 out of 188 countries on the Human Development Index of the United Nations. Senegal is faced with several challenges from a low level of education, unemployment, and climate change. 

Community Health

Peace and Justice

Partners In Senegal

With SLDS (formerly EELS), World Renew has programs in adolescent health, support of families involved in orphan care, AIDS prevention, literacy and justice. Over 130 persons living with HIV and AIDS are in SLDS support groups. Over 100 adolescents are in adolescent health learning groups and literacy training.

The SLDS programs are closely linked, building collaboration and mutual learning. Graduates of the adolescent health program are working through advocacy, street theatre and neighborhood forums to change community attitudes and practices that harm children and youth.

With YWAM, World Renew promotes health and Biblical justice in an impoverished community in Dakar. The program teaches teenage girls about health issues and healthy lifestyle choices. The peer educators also deal with communication with parents and cultural issues such as teenage marriage and pregnancy.

World Renew and ELS have long cooperated to support communities in the region around Fatick and elsewhere in Senegal. This year, we entered a more formal partnership and will start this new phase with the support of the ELS Preschool in Local Languages Program

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