This low education level impacts all areas of life, and acts as a brake on development. While Senegal is a beacon of stability to the region and the economy grows a little every year, many people in rural areas and the poor suburbs of the cities are excluded from avenues to personal progress.

In Senegal, World Renew provides a framework for community action, equipping the poor and marginalized to transform their communities one step at a time. This is done in collaboration with partner churches, other Christian groups, and local communities within Senegal.

World Renew and its partners focus on health, HIV & AIDS, literacy, leadership development, and the training of deacons and pastors.

One element of this work is an emphasis on Biblical justice and helping churches and communities become aware of injustices in their communities and look at ways to reduce these.

Another key element that has been a focus of World Renew ministry in Senegal for more than 15 years is HIV and AIDS awareness, prevention, and care.

World Renew places a special emphasis on work with young girls who are especially vulnerable to injustice, early marriage, and sexual exploitation and who also lack a strong voice in Senegalese society. By educating and empowering this segment of society, World Renew and its partners are also building a culture of open communication, peace-making, and civic responsibility in the wider community.

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With the EELS, World Renew has programmes in adolescent health, AIDS prevention, literacy and justice. Beginning in 2010, the HIV & AIDS component has been reinforced with a grant from World Renew’s Embrace AIDS. Over 130 persons living with HIV & AIDS are in EELS support groups supported by the EAIDS funding. The EELS programmes are closely linked, building collaboration and mutual learning. Graduates of the adolescent health programme are working through advocacy, street theatre and neighborhood forums to change community attitudes and practices that harm children and youth.



World Renew has been working for 4 years with 4 national churches in Senegal to establish an association partnering with rural communities and churches to:

  • build capacity for good governance through local leadership training

  • mobilize communities for HIV and malaria prevention through community health education;

  • bring Muslim and Christians together to work jointly for the development of their communities

  • work for Biblical justice by recognizing, analyzing and addressing situations of injustice in their own communities



World Renew is working with the TLT to strengthen churches through pastoral training. Harold Kallemyn and Henry Persenaire-Hogeterp, a Resonate Global Mission missionary in Niger, are working with us in this programme. West Africa Francophone Civic Education Project World Renew and partners in Senegal have provided the support and context for the development of this effort to build the capacity of World Renew francophone partners in civic education and social justice. The manual, translated through the efforts of World Renew and partners in Niger, Senegal, Mali and Nigeria is now available on the website:



We work towards long term sustainability by linking partners in Senegal together in learning forums, shared training, joint evaluations, and on-site visits. Strong collaborations are emerging, sharing a common vision for community transformation and values-based programming.


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