Big Win in 2016

  • New funding for a trauma healing program in Juba, the tense and strife-torn capital of South Sudan. Trauma healing is a form of psycho-social support that enables people affected by conflict and violence to recover. If healing is not found, traumatized people tend to re-join the cycle of violence as they are unable to reconcile or achieve peace in their lives. Trauma leads to anger and revenge. Healing the trauma is a key objective.

    In Juba we trained 50 people over 5 weeks to become trauma healing guides. These people are members of churches and women’s groups who live and work among the displaced people most affected by the conflict. We developed a new module to address rape and sexual violence, because this had never been addressed by these groups. Rape is at epidemic levels in many parts of this region.

    There was much praise and worship as the training was celebrated; we thank God for the strength and resources He has given us, and for His protection as we completed His ministry in Juba.

Goals for 2017

  • Continuing to meet the needs of South Sudanese refugees, particularly in the Bidibidi Refugee Camp in Uganda


Communities face many challenges because the recovery is being hampered by conflict, while scarce resources are being spent on weapons instead of providing services to needy people. Christian organizations, humanitarian groups, and churches are having to step in to provide help and emergency response.

Subsistence farmers make up a large majority of the population but they face many obstacles; although there is plenty of land, the wars, fear, and displacement has caused trauma and disrupted all activities. As a result, agricultural progress is severely hindered and crop production still remains critically low.

With your help we are bringing recovery, progress and hope to hundreds of farming families by training them in simple but better farming skills and working with them to improve agricultural production, so that families can meet their needs and also grow surpluses that can be sold in the markets.

Our project trains and mentors 625 farming families in the best agronomic practices for growing staple crops such as corn, peanuts, beans, cassava, and sorghum. We also promote good management of the soil.

World Renew in South Sudan also broadcasts weekly farm radio programs to provide market information for local groups as well as seasonally appropriate agricultural information for farmers.

We train female farmers and male farmers in equal numbers. Women have long been neglected here but they have a big role to play in the family and are often the main provider.

A key part of our vision is the embodiment of Christ's good news; “we believe in the gospel’s power to heal, share Christian love, and bring reconciliation between communities. Prayer is an essential part of our daily work, we know that God loves South Sudan, and that His plans will prevail” says Hedd Thomas, the World Renew South Sudan Country Representative who lives in Yei, the center of our activities.

  • The agriculture program funded by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) and by World Renew (through your support). “We have shown that a very positive impact can happen when farmers are given basic support and training; we provide seeds and tools, and our staff visit farms to provide guidance and coaching. Farmers contribute 30% of the cost of the tools, and they also save seed from every successful crop to ensure that seed is available for the following season”.  

  • Trauma healing is a form of simple psychosocial support for people affected by war and insecurity. We work with churches to make this healing available to families in crisis. 


  • Please pray for the widows who are left to cope with all the burdens of the family

  • Pray for women and girls who are now included in the World Renew agriculture program, that they will be blessed and be able to develop their farms and produce more food

  • Pray that women are respected much more and protected from abuse

  • Pray that all ethnic groups will live together in harmony

  • Pray that people will use dialogue and negotiation to resolve any differences, and stop resorting to violence


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