“I was just sitting here praying because I didn’t know what to do about my situation. And then you called! You are like an angel!” —Texas disaster survivor in response to a World Renew volunteer calling during an unmet needs assessment in Corpus Christi. Update July 2017

World Renew DRS managed reconstruction sites in San Marcos and Rio Grande Valley, Texas will open once again in the fall to continue repairing homes damaged by 2015 flooding. To volunteer at one of these sites, please visit worldrenew.net/reconstruction-sites to learn more. 

Reconstruction in response to 2015 fires in California and flooding in Florida wrapped up this spring. 



The 2015 spring storm season in the U.S. began on March 25 as Moore and Tulsa, Oklahoma were hit by two tornadoes.

Hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed. World Renew DRS sent early response coordinators to assess the situation and a rapid response team to Moore, Oklahoma to help families with clean-up and minor home repairs. Learn more about the initial response here: World Renew DRS Returns to Moore, Oklahoma, After Second Tornado in Two Years.

On April 9, 2015, North Central Illinois was walloped by a tornado that left immense damage in multiple communities. 

On May 25, 2015, severe flooding devastated many communities in Texas and Oklahoma.  Storms and tornadoes continued into June throughout Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, and other states, impacting thousands of people. Some of the same Texas communities were hard hit with flooding again in October 2015.

World Renew DRS regional managers were in touch quickly with communities in Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois after these disasters and early response coordinators were deployed to assess the initial damage, connect with affected communities, and lay the groundwork for a long-term response. 

Unmet needs assessment teams helped flood and tornado disaster survivors in seven communities in Texas and Illinois connect with needed assistance.

Mingo County, West Virginia, was hit by severe flooding in the spring of 2015. World Renew DRS sent reconstruction volunteers from February through April 2016 to help families rebuild.

In response to the May and October 2015 flooding in Texas, World Renew DRS, has set up a long-term reconstruction site in San Marcos, Texas, as well as Rio Grande Valley, in partnership with local recovery groups.

Donations today to Spring Storms 2015 ensures that World Renew DRS can provide the long-term services the organization is known for. 

Volunteers make these services possible! To get involved, please visit worldrenew.net/drs today.