For seven years, World Renew has supported families affected by the war in Syria. The Syrian civil war, which has been ongoing since 2011, has devastated an entire nation.

More than 12 million Syrians have been forced to leave everything they know behind in search of safety – whether within Syria, or to neighboring nations. Since the war began, an estimated 400,000 people have been killed. The situation in Syria today has improved very little. Food production has hit a record low, and prices have skyrocketed. After exhausting their life savings, many families no longer have the means to put enough food on the table.

In spite of the unrelenting hardships that Syrian families have faced, World Renew has continued to provide support to those in need. Through the generous donations of donors in North America, and with matching funds from other organizations and government institutions, World Renew has provided $16.1 million in support to over 217,000 people affected by the Syrian civil war.

As long as resources allow, and the needs remain, World Renew will continue to walk alongside these families. Today, because of funding individuals, businesses, churches, and Global Affairs Canada, 8,400 people in Syria receive food every month.