Feb 8, 2019 by Ruth Alkema

Powerful Voices for Change

                                          As a wife and mother, Saem worked hard to raise her children and to provide for them. In addition to tending to her rice field near her home, Saem traveled outside of the village to her plot of corn during the harvest season.

Dec 7, 2018 by Chiraphone Khamphouvong

A Boy's Desire to Learn: The Story of Tao Huk, Dropout

LAOS - It had been a grueling motorbike ride to Nam Naen, a Thaidam ethnic village in northern province of Phongsaly, Laos. We were greeted and graciously hosted by a family in their home on stilts. We saw a young boy reading aloud to a younger boy, using a dim, overhead flashlight and the light of the fire. His determination to read to the younger child was moving.  

Dec 19, 2017 by Tom Post

Where There Once Was No School

Porlai is 6 years old and studies in year 1 class. Her father's name is Kha and her mother is Xong. They are ethnic Hmong and their village in Laos never had an elementary school until now. Thanks to supporters of World Renew and Tear Australia, and with the support of the government of Laos, we have made it possible for hundreds of young boys and girls like Porlai to experience the gift of education.

Aug 1, 2017 by Bethany Cok

A Global Partnership Links a Forgotten Community

The teachers in the primary school there ride in and out on a pickup truck every day. The majority of families rely on agriculture for survival, and economic resources are scarce. “Honestly, we often feel like we are forgotten here in this community [because we are so far away],” said Santos Ambrosio Cabrera, a grandmother in El Tineco. Since World Renew’s partner organization, Vid y Pampanos, started working in El Tineco, the community has experienced changes report some of the women who live there.