World Renew has been working in Zambia since 1990. World Renew is addressing the issues outlined above by working alongside Zambian churches and organizations to transform communities. Two of the partner organizations are church diaconal ministries reaching out to the needs of the rural poor in the communities in and outside the church. These outreach programs focus on the long-term chronic needs of the most impoverished Zambian people. A large focus of the work is improving the agricultural and health skills of those that struggle to grow enough food to feed themselves and find basic access to health care. Other areas of focus include literacy, maternal health, income generation, diaconal development, and HIV and AIDS prevention.

ALERT: Severe drought is crippling much of the southern and western parts of Zambia leaving thousands of people hungry.

According to the World Food Program, 24 out of Zambia’s 103 districts are so affected by drought that they require significant food relief this year. That equals about 840,000 people who require food assistance.

In response to this need, World Renew providing emergency food assistance to people in in Mwandi district.

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World Renew Partners In Zambia


World Renew and its partner CCAP have developed 2 main programs working with communities located in the northern part of the Eastern Province of Zambia.  In the communities in which they work, vulnerable families are identified and receive specialized training from CCAP staff and volunteers. This includes training in basic sustainable agricultural technologies aimed at increasing agricultural production and crop diversification. In the second program includes mobilizing the community to; care for those living with HIV/AIDS, support the orphans and change people’s behavior to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS. Thirdly CCAP engages and supports interested communities who want to run adult literacy centers, helping adults learn to read and write.


World Renew works with the Reformed Church in Zambia to assist communities in need across the country. The Reformed Church in Zambia is split into Eastern and Western Regional programs. With the Eastern Diaconia Department (EDD), the main focus of EDD is their food security program. 

Farm families are taught to grow increased quantities and quality of food in a sustainable way. Farmers are trained in agriculture techniques such as conservation farming, agro-forestry, crop diversity, dry season production, and marketing of crops. Paralleled with their Food Security program is a Primary Health program which teaches parents basic preventative health care measures every family can take and which monitors monthly the weight gain of children under five. Families of malnourished children are then given additional training on how to produce and cook highly nutritious food.

With the Western Diaconia Services, World Renew is supporting a National VSLA program bringing access to financial services to group members in the 7 Presbyteries in Zambia where RCZ has a presence. World Renew is also continuing their support for RCZ’s Diaconia Training program which seeks to empower congregations with the knowledge and tools to address some of their own social problems and community needs themselves utilizing their own resources.


World Renew has commenced a partnership with The United Church of Zambia.

UCZ is the largest protestant church in Zambia with over 1 million members. While we are only in the early stages of our partnership World Renew is supporting UCZ in a number of key areas. Through our Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Grant Program World Renew is assisting UCZ in a Livestock Development Program that will bring Animal husbandry and Artificial Insemination Services to remote cattle herding communities in Western Zambia. UCZ’s main point of entry into their communities in terms of development programming is through their missional congregation initiatives. These like RCZ’s Diaconia training program and our own focus on Church in the Community UCZ’s program encourages and empowers congregations to seek solutions to their own issues and development needs with their own resources.

Through our Disaster Response programming we are also assisting UCZ with a Water and Sanitation program in the Jacaimbo Refugee camp in North Western Province to bring clean running water in to UCZ’s Community Health centre, the permanent Health Care facility in the Camp which serves a refugee population of 60,000.


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