Data That Tells a Story

2019-10-15T21:01:30+00:00November 7th, 2018|Blog, Economic Opportunity, Food Security, Zambia|

ZAMBIA - Greetings friends, In my last update “THIS is What Change Looks Like!”, I shared stories and testimony from people whose lives have been changed by our programming and activities. I discussed how we often get figures from our programming evaluations that tell us the what of change, but not the how. We can use stories to understand the data more deeply.

Only 107 Stories

2019-10-15T19:35:53+00:00October 3rd, 2018|Blog, Mozambique, Zambia|

ZAMBIA - It was such a strange feeling: was I really becoming numb to success? For hours, I sat and listened, as person after person shared how our programs have dramatically impacted their lives. By the afternoon of the second day, as people in village after village told their story, I found myself overwhelmed and numb.

THIS is What Change Looks Like!

2019-10-15T21:01:30+00:00July 26th, 2018|Blog, Economic Opportunity, Food Security, Zambia|

Ruairidh Waddell - ZAMBIA As we move from one financial year to the next, we and our partners in Zambia are very busy with the annual reading and writing of reports. I find this really fulfilling: as I read stories, analyze figures, and learn lessons from our programming, I get a glimpse into the change and transformation that is taking place in peoples' lives across Zambia.

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