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Gifts Under $30

Searching for an easy way to make a difference this Christmas? We’ve put together a list of the top budget-friendly gifts from our Gift Catalog!

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1. Duck

Raising ducks helps farmers earn income year-round to feed their family and provide their basic needs. The families also support each other in a World Renew self-help group in their community.

Smiling Lebanese woman with her son and two daughters

2. Free-A-Family Month Donation

For just $27 a month or $324 a year, you can help families around the world overcome poverty by learning skills in agriculture, health, nutrition, and literacy from World Renew. The result is more nutritious food, clean water, better health, and enough income for families and their communities.

Kenyan woman standing beside the door of her tailoring shop

3. Kitchen Garden Kit

Growing a sack garden is a great way to include fresh fruit and vegetables in your family’s diet. The kitchen garden kit from World Renew provides families with 5 gunnysacks and 5 seed packets to grow nutritious food right outside the door!

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4. Pruning Set to Regrow Forests

Farmers who live in areas nearly destroyed by deforestation are learning farmer-managed forest regeneration through World Renew. You can provide a farmer with a set of pruning tools—a shears, grafting knife, scissors, and folding saw—to learn to prune trees and manage forest regrowth.

Crowd of smiling children

5. Nutrition Kit for Children

When moms and dads struggle to provide their children with nutritious food to eat, World Renew helps parents supplement their children’s diets to ensure that they grow up to live full, healthy lives. A nutrition kit includes soybeans to make soymilk, medicine to stop parasites, and vitamins for essential nutrients. Get one, two, or the kit!


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