World Renew has been working in India since 1965. World Renew’s Bangladesh staff members consult with partners in India and travel there frequently. Through this partnership, World Renew helps community members participate in health, literacy, and income generation programs.

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World Renew Partners In India


 SFA is partner of World Renew that works in close connection with the Munda, Orissa in the eastern part of the country. Last year, 2,052 community members participated in programs with the following emphases: 

  • Community Development ~ 16 village development councils met regularly and focused on eradicating poverty in their communities. World Renew and SFA are helping these development councils identify the greatest needs of their communities, and develop solutions for those problems.

  • Health ~ World Renew and SFA help communities examine their health needs and develop appropriate solutions. This includes various programs such as vaccination camps, general health education lessons, and a clinic for pregnant moms.

  • Income Generation ~ World Renew and SFA focus their income-generation programs in India specifically on the female population. Last year, 345 women sought training in the following areas: revolving loans, financial management, bookkeeping, and financial audits.

  • Literacy ~ World Renew and SFA help promote adult literacy by hosting 10 literacy classes across the region. Last year, 195 community members attended these weekly classes and improved their reading and writing skills.

Eficor - World Renew and Eficor have partnered for the past 12 years.  Most recently, they have completed a five year USAid and World Renew funded project with Eficor in Jharkand.

Current Projects with Eficor:

  • Peace Building Project: World Renew has a small one year project in Sahibganj, Jharkand to help in peace building between two tribal communities.  This project works on building bridges between the adolescents in the two tribal groups.

  • Embrace Aids Project with Shalom, Mizoram -  This is a one year innovative project funded by the World Renew Embrace Aids Innovation fund.  We are working with youth in changing risky behaviours.  Shalom, our partner works with the local churches through peer educators in helping adolescents in behaviour change.


World Renew is helping NEICORD carry out programs in urban Shillong and rural Patarkmah. 

These programs include:

  • Health ~ In the Neicord health programs, communities receive services such as polio vaccination, and family planning clinics. As a result, community members have improved their health and are also becoming more willing to talk about certain taboo issues such as AIDS. Recently, a long-awaited weighing machine arrived. Women in the area have been happy to have their children weighed so that their growth and health can be monitored. They now feel empowered to act if their child isn’t growing appropriately.

  • Income Generation ~ This program is similar to that of Eficor as participants are encouraged to start savings groups and are trained in revolving loans, skills training, financial management training, book keeping training, and financial audits. In the past year, around 200 men and 200 women participated in this training.

  • Agriculture ~ This new 3 year project (second phase) is funded by the Food Resource Bank and is located in Patarkamh where World Renew also supports the community development work.  This project is designed to help farmers in better rice and vegetable production.


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