Mali suffers from chronic drought, poor economic infrastructure, and weak government services in education and health. The country has also been in turmoil since January 2012, when Al Quaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb (AQIM) and Tuareg groups obtained arms from the fallen Khaddafi regime in Libya and attacked army bases in northern Mali. Over 300,000 refugees fled the fighting into neighboring countries and into the south of Mali. Soldiers in the capital, Bamako, mutinied and overthrew the government in March.  Since then, UN and French forces have helped stop much of the fighting and many of the refugees have returned.  A new president has been elected and a process of dialogue and reconciliation has been initiated. But the country remains split and security remains a concern for the northern parts of the country.

World Renew has been working in Mali since 1985 with a focus on food security among several people groups in three areas of the country.

World Renew also assists the local churches with an anti-harassment of school girls program and trauma healing. This work has been able to continue for the most part, since those areas are not under control of the separatists or the jihadists. Since the security situation in Mali is evolving and uncertain, World Renew does not give names and locations of our staff and partners in Mali.