West Africa

From Hunger to Abundance: God’s Resources + Our Minds

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WORLDWIDE - World Renew finds great joy in our work when we discover resources in God’s creation that can feed hungry people and restore worn-out farmland. When we join our knowledge and experience with the knowledge and experience of farmers to test creative ideas, we often find abundance where there was hunger and joy where there was deprivation.

Food for the Body and Food for the Spirit

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(SIERRA LEONE) “Christian Extension Services is the John the Baptist of our communities!” exclaims Rev. Istifanus Bahago, leadership consultant with Resonate Global in Sierra Leone. Christian Extension Services partners with World Renew in this West African country, where poverty is a way of life for many people.

Lament and Thanksgiving

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Have you experienced loss or suffering in your life? How did you respond and what was your relationship with God like during that time? These are some of the questions that were asked as I participated in a Trauma Healing workshop this month. The main facilitators were Mary Crickmore, World Renew’s team leader for West Africa, and Dorothy Taft from the American Bible Society. One of the interesting parts of this training included writing a lament similar to the psalms that King David wrote. Laments are a way for someone to express fully and freely to God whatever complaints they have while recognizing the constant love and care He provides.