The Sahara desert covers more than half of the northern part of the country. Most of the rest lies within the Sahel, where cultivation is only possible during the three to four months of rainy season. The infant and maternal mortality rate is high, while the literacy rate is low. The United Nations rates Niger at the bottom of its Human Development Index (2014).  The country experienced a coup d’état in February 2010 and in recent years has experienced an influx of refugees from conflict in Libya, Mali, and Nigeria. 

CRC-Niger (the collaboration between World Renew and Resonate Global Mission in Niger) is in a period of transition in its strategy. Previously CRC-Niger worked almost exclusively in partnership with two local organizations, but in recent years they have begun to provide cosulting to build the capacity of other local NGOs.

CRC-Niger has also been involved in creating several websites, including a site about Civic Education (, and another site about HIV/AIDS in Niger (

World Renew Partners In Niger


SEL, which stands for Showing Everyone Love, is a church denomination from a minority ethnic group that has been largely ignored by the government, leading to a lack of public services such as schooling, health, agricultural extension work and roads. World Renew has been in partnership with SEL  since 1994, and their work has expanded to over 2,000 participants in about 60 communities, where they guide community groups in the process of coming together to envision their community in the future and then take action so that that can become a reality.  These groups are involved in a variety of food security and income generating activities.  SEL’s board members and staff have little formal education, so basic organizational functions have been a growth area for them, thus helping them to increase their organizational capacity is a priority for World Renew’s consulting work with them.


PAX, meaning Peace, is a relatively small church denomination spread across the country.  Their program is currently focusing on improving food security for rural areas.  PAX also has initiatives to help people learn to read, raise animals, and access clean water.